Tips For Scaling and Managing Talent For Startups


It is part of the cultural identity of tech startups that is the drive to scale a business quickly. The best tech has as many users as possible, which means that there has to be business infrastructure in place to serve all of those customers. People are not interested in just creating a good product, they want to know how to scale a business and how to do it fast. They want to make the most amount of money in the minimum amount of time, and scaling is the best option to do that.

That is the wrong idea and will lead your business to failure.

A journey from startup to scale-up requires tremendous effort. Sometimes, entrepreneurs see a period of quick growth to be the point where they have made it to the point where they are about to get a unicorn status, which is equal to the Oscar equivalent for the startup industry. But in reality, things don’t always go as they were planned.

It is a natural process that any growth brings up challenges. A startup is no exception. The startup in the preliminary stages faces different hurdles like hiring the right talent with the right skill-sets.

“If you don’t take recruitment seriously, nobody else in your company is going to”

We strongly believe the key to successful hiring depends upon the timing of it. Hire too early and you’re essentially paying someone to sit around. while waiting for an opportunity to knock on your door. Hire too late and you miss an opportunity to make a difference.

Hire if it’s necessary

A successful product/service depends on many things. You need good engineering, good design, good marketing…the list goes on. When you hire, look at whether the product/services must reach its market or it’s in the development stage.

Hire if your workload is overpowering

Growth can be illusory. It isn’t always easy to predict when you need more people on board, especially when your business demand flows.

Describe your work culture so candidates know what they’re getting into

Career sites are pages in your website devoted to displaying your employer brand and a list of opportunities that you’re hiring for. It’s what anyone who wants to work for you looks for as soon as they come on your website. Use your career site to describe your work culture to attract the right kind of candidates.

Hire through referrals

Ask your team to refer the best people they’ve worked with to your organization so that you have their judgment to go on as well when you make a decision.

Ask for a work sample

There’s no real substitute for a work sample. Job interviews tell but work samples show. So, before you have your candidates come in for an interview ask them to do a small project that is similar to the kind of work they’ll be expected to perform in the course of their job.

Give feedback to everyone you interview

Don’t limit yourself to giving feedback just to the ones you’ve chosen to shortlist for the next stage. Feedback helps everyone grow. The interview feedback you give a candidate might just be what helps them win the next job!