Six Modern Recruitment Methods For Recruiters


In the current business scenario, one of the biggest trends is- Technological advancement. Companies belong to different sectors are started to include advanced technologies in their recruitment process. Recruitment is one of the major processes that take place in every organization. It is a fact that technology is going to boost the quality of the recruitment process. Different organizations are restructuring their recruitment process by including technology in their recruitment processes such as – AI, chatbots, video-conferencing, mobile apps, internet, and (Applicant Tracking System)ATS, etc. The opting of various technologies has helped organizations to make their recruitment process quite easy and effective.


Artificail Inteligence (AI)

The use of Artificial Intelligence is expected to increase in upcoming times, It can be used to identify the efficient process of recruitment by automating the most repetitive part. In the Present time also AI is playing an important role in recruitment to find the best talent.

Restructuring the recruitment process is vital. AI can screen candidates and select the best talent without bias. The smart systems focus on the criteria, such as experience, qualifications, and skillsets, which diminishes discrimination.

Artificial Intelligence can also help candidates by improving the job search and application process. AI systems can quickly scan an application for the necessary criteria and alert the candidate if the position is ideal for him/her.

Application Tracking System (ATS)

The ATS software help to make the recruitment process easier for organizations by saving their time and money on the recruitment process.  ATS software help company to process hundred and thousand of job application in a small amount of time frame. It is an algorithm-based software, it helps Recruiting manager to hire the candidate according to the criteria provided in the software.

ATS stores all the resumes in one place, it helps recruiters to stay organized.  ATS also saves time by automatically emphasizing top candidates.  ATS helps the hiring manager to narrow their applicant pool.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality (VR) has the potential to change the way of recruitment. Using VR in your recruitment process can lead to a more engaging process.

There are many ways VR can help hiring managers, Recruiters can design simulated office tours and interviews with candidates who are far away. it allows candidates to see and feel the office culture and picture themselves in the role without physically present. Not only organizations VR is also helpful for candidates to decide whether to go for a job or not by seeing and experiencing the job role in stimulations.


Video Conferencing

The traditional method of hiring is quite hectic for hiring managers from finding the right candidate and calling him into the office which leads to losing talent sometimes because it’s not feasible for every candidate to come to the office for an interview.

During the covid period, there is a boom in the video conferencing recruitment process. It helps to eliminate geographical constraints for both hiring managers and candidates. Whether a candidate lives 100 miles away or in another country. Video conferencing is a great recruitment method to take interviews.

Social Media

The Scope of social media recruiting is endless, Social networking platforms are increasingly used for hiring talent. social media can be a great place for recruitment. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, professional networks such as LinkedIn, you can find professionals who are easy to get in touch with.

Employer Review Sites

Glassdoor and Ambition boxes should be a part of every company’s recruitment plan. In this technological era where everything is rated and reviewed online, including employers’ feedbacks experience, etc. Recruiters cannot afford to miss out on this approach. Most modern-day job seekers research about company’s culture, pay, pros and cons, etc. So the of the recruitment manager is to position your company as a great place to work.